Accomplishments in context are not so accomplished after all

Our good Sookian mayor boasts, “No new taxes.” Well, actually, it’s not him saying it, it’s the Finance and Administration Committee (FAC) [yawn] speaking on behalf of the “District of Sooke,” since the District can’t actually speak for itself. Ah yes! not even half a year into his term and, “Let the accountability begin!”

In isolation, zero per cent sounds like a good thing. In actuality, property taxes have nearly doubled since 2006 (which that single year alone saw a 25% tax hike), and while we have a great sewer system and a quarter of a traffic circle (don’t ask), we still don’t have sidewalks — or for that matter, even any potted plants, pretty signs, or pretty anything.

It’s still a squat ugly little town with healthy bowels, for double the taxes.

The reference to the silly cement barrier is here.

And yes, in spite of all that, I do still love this little town that houses me.

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