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Editorial Cartoons

[img src=]220Sooke the windy little District
Olga adjusts her hair style to be more weather friendly in Sooke
[img src=]10Not graduate speaker AGAIN this year
Students graduate from EMCS in Sooke again this year
[img src=]00Alberta floods
Olga VanTandenburg reflects on the dumb comments people make. Sadly, some readers don't get it.
[img src=]10Olga tries golf for the first and last time
Olga VanTandenburg at the Sooke golf course
[img src=]00Sooke's dog park and bike park debates, solved
Olga VanTandenburg gets involved in Sooke politics.
[img src=]00Olga VanTandenburg gears up for another elction
BC election 2013
[img src=]00Frankin Olga VanTandenburg
Against genetically modified anything
[img src=]20Banks suck.
[img src=]10The obnoxious flower count
[img src=]00When baby boomers have it all
[img src=]00It's amazing that Olga's mom still loves her!
[img src=]00Gas stations involved in price fixing? No way!
Olga VanTandenburg celebrates mother's day her way.
[img src=]00Infrastructure planning in Sooke
It's called, "Lack of unified vision."
[img src=]00How to pronounce
[img src=]00Olga VanTandenburg with the one she loves
[img src=]10Olga VanTandenburg doesn't get out much
[img src=]00Small Town Anywhere but especially Sooke
[img src=]00Olga hasn't annoyed anyone yet this year. So far.
[img src=]00Polar bear dip in Sooke BC
[img src=]10Sooke Arts and Beautification Panel
Olga VanTandenburg has it out with the Chair of the Panel
[img src=]00Sooke's bylaw 600 - what do we really know?
[img src=]30Mayan Calendar comes to an end
[img src=]10Twas some time before Christmas when all through the house...
A girl can dream, can't she?
[img src=]00Transition town, Sooke BC
[img src=]60Buy Nothing Day 2012
[img src=]20Donald Trump Halloween Costume
[img src=]10When grey matter doesn't
[img src=]30Bullying, in response to Amanda Todd's suicide
[img src=]10Thanksgiving Turkey
[img src=]10Placement of the Sooke Lighthouse
[img src=]10Understanding the Slow Food Cycle movement
[img src=]30300 Lice Experts
[img src=]60We asked about the fall fair
[img src=]40Earthquake Analysis
[img src=]10Car wash in Sooke
[img src=]10Seaparc Star of the Week
[img src=]00When fraudsters have their work cut out for them
[img src=]10Drawing her masterpiece`
[img src=]10Sooke Subaru Triathlon
[img src=]20Sooke Salmon Enhancement Society
[img src=]20Insomnia
[img src=]120Bathtub dreams shattered
[img src=]40Cougar Alert
[img src=]90Rejected application
[img src=]70Sooke Secret Garden Tour
[img src=]70Reclining Like Harper
[img src=]70Happy Mother's Day!
[img src=]60No new taxes?
[img src=]30
[img src=]60Diesel spill in Sooke Basin
[img src=]50Where does all the money go?
[img src=]50Buh bye penny
[img src=]50Sooke Construction
[img src=]50Marketing at City Hall
[img src=]50Cereal Arsonist
[img src=]50Recent rumblings in Sooke explained
[img src=]30Unclear on the concept of Toastmasters
[img src=]30It's should be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel
[img src=]30Whiffen Spit Typo
[img src=]40I'm with stupid
[img src=]30Offroading
[img src=]30Nigerian inheritance, just in time for Christmas!
[img src=]30Barriers gone wrong in Sooke
[img src=]40Newly elected mayor actually says Thank You!
[img src=]30The great female-male divide
[img src=]30Mis-focussed politicians hard at work
[img src=]40Long long letters to the editor never get read. Sheesh!
[img src=]30Campaigning for Mayer (yes, the typo is intentional!)
[img src=]40Zen Den: Bring your presence (not PRESENTS!!)
[img src=]30The newly enlightened
[img src=]40Good planning
[img src=]30Support Bra
[img src=]20Skewed vision
[img src=]30Glass ceiling
[img src=]20Networking at the nine hole
[img src=]30Homophobia hard at work
[img src=]00Dance as if no one is looking

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