Fish in a barrel

Honestly! I live in Sooke BC, a town filled with beautiful and kind people. It has a surrounding world-class landscape that is second-to-none.

“Where the rainforest meets the sea.”
(see here for the heraldry)

But when my cousin from Europe came to visit, I got to see the town through her eyes. It’s an incredibly squalid, ugly, grey little town, where the first building with any visual impact is a grey sheet metal building. Lovely owner. Horrible eyesore. This introduction is then followed by the equally dismal. Intermittent sidewalks. A leveling of trees. A quarter of a¬†traffic circle. Concrete traffic islands that direct left-hand turning vehicles into oncoming traffice. Gas stations that kiss the non-existent sidewalks. A few years back they tore up the sides of the road to put in sewer pipes, and then returned the roads to their prior condition — no sidewalks, no beauty, just slabs of tarmac.

Google it. You’ll find beautiful pictures of nature. And only this pic (on the right) showing the “downtown.” Why? Because there’s very little to look at.

Nice people, shame about the place!

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