Inheritance from Nigeria, just in time for Christmas!

It’s Olga VanTandenburg’s lucky day!

And you probably thought all emails from Nigeria were scams! HA!

(and no sooner was this posted that I got an email from the Central Bank of Nigeria, which read:
Dear Email Account Holder,
This is to inform you that your email address has won a compensation grant of $100,000 (USD) in the ongoing CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) and IMF (International Monetary Funds) joint mandate to compensate victims of scam/Advance fee fraud whom have lost money to Nigeria scammers under the pretense of Lottery, Beneficiary, Loan and Contract awards etc.
Contact the Debt Management Office for the clearance of your funds with the details below;
Mr Miji Amidu
Head, Special Projects (Debt Management Office)
Telephone: +234-818-165-3215
Payment would be remitted to you within 3 working days upon certified verification from the office above. We would appreciate your urgent reply to ascertain vividly that you are the bearer of this email.
Thanks and Congratulation in advance
Public Affairs Commission
Central Bank of Nigeria
Too f’n funny!)

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