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  1. Oh dear. Amongst my adoring fans is a not-so-adoring complainant. A letter to the editor is as follows:

    As a Sooke resident for over 23 years living in a community full of awesome people who pull together as a great community when things matter, I was a bit disappointed to read Britt Santowski’s cartoon in our local paper.

    Dismayed at the fact that she was not chosen to speak at this year’s EMCS grad ceremony and her disrespect for their choice.

    She says she’s not sure why this “Carl dude” got the gig.

    Maybe she doesn’t read her own paper, or she would know why he was the perfect choice.

    Living in Sooke, graduating from EMCS after spending three years in the Culinary Arts program then apprenticing at Sooke Harbour House; finishing first place in a student cooking competition, culinary college, working in top establishments in New York, Monaco, Vancouver and Toronto and of course, winning Canada’s top chef.

    Sounds like he was a great choice to me to let other EMCS students know to follow their dreams and not let obstacles get in their way.

    I had the opportunity to work with “Carl dude” and was so proud to hear of his accomplishments over the years. He is a caring, awesome person who deserved the honour of being the keynote speaker at EMCS.

    Way to go Carl, you make us very proud.

    Debbie Capper



  2. And the Sooke News Mirror prints a response in their editorial. What incredible support!

    “Editorial cartoons have always been a way to express humour and comment on the goings on of the day. They are often misunderstood, especially when they are subtle. Some will “get it” others won’t because they happen to have a different sensibility or sense of humour.

    “In last week’s cartoon the cartoonist was in no way taking any credit away from Carl Heinrich but rather dissing “Olga’s” qualifications.

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