Sooke Secret Garden Tour

Okay. So I had a little chat with the darling women in my mastermind group today. It would appear that they, the PowerPuffs, didn’t get the joke. So I explained it to them:

  • It’s called the Sooke Secret¬†Garden Tour
  • It’s a well-advertised event, and therefore the secret couldn’t be its existence.
  • A secret suggests something surprising, something previously unknown.
  • In case you didn’t notice (because I know I’m such an incredible artist), Olga is standing amidst the trees.¬†Look closely. You might see her there.
  • The secret is … an unsuspecting appearance from Herself. So don’t be surprised if she surprises you. It’s called a secret so that when she startles you and you get that angina attack, you can’t sue because you knew to expect a secret.
  • And, no, the placement of the word secret was not a legal requirement. I made that part up.

So there you have it. This week’s cartoon — the one that had me in a giggling fit while creating it — explained. Sadly, I’ve learned that if multiple people don’t get it, it’s actually my problem, not theirs. So thanks PowerPuffs (my masterminders) for showing me my short-comings. I love you anyway. Grin.

Sooke Secret Garden Tour

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