Unclear on the concept: Off-roading

This week’s cartoon is in response to the perpetual¬†South Island Recreation Association’s appeal for off-road dune buggy access to public parks. Sigh. ¬†We live in a town that highlights nature: “Where the rain-forest meets the sea” we boast. You’d think that finding places to off-road would be in abundance in a place where nature is so vastly spread around us.

2 Replies to “Unclear on the concept: Off-roading”

  1. You would think that it would be easy, but its quite the opposite. Most people seem to have the same narrow minded view of things that they don’t understand. “off-roading” is different for different people, but many like myself use it as a tool to explore the beautiful back country. How many people do you know that have hiked up to shields lake?

  2. I personally know hundreds of people who have hiked up to Sheilds lake including my 6 year old son.

    We would appreciate it if you found somewhere else (hundreds of miles of un-used logging roads) to rip up with your motors. Hiking biking and paddling are all great ways to get out and explore the beautiful back country with out destroying it in the process.
    Plus. It IS actually exercise. Unlike sitting behind a wheel with your preferred beverage in hand.

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