Britt is the adult in the image. The other one's her most beautiful daughter.

Britt Santowski has been drawing cartoons for years, and since 2002 has been developing actual cartoons for publication. Britt Santowski's cartoons are strongly influenced by the works of Roberta Gregory's Bitchy Bitch and Britt's own life's experience.

Please feel free to peruse her cartoons. Some have been published in local newspapers, including the University of Victoria's ThirdSpace (a feminist newspaper) and The Martlett (the student's newspaper).

Copyright for all the cartoons published on this site belong exclusively to Britt Santowski. If you are interested in printing any of these cartoons, contact Britt. Easy. And yes, cheap. (Talking about  the form here, on the Contact page. Doesn't even cost you the price of a long-distance call, or a stamp.)

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